Jason Bushong

...was born into humble beginning. As such, he remains humble. Sometimes you would never know that the man behind the concrete bar pouring you wine is the winemaker himself.


Jason Bushong grew up in the 80's in Southern California doing what most kids were doing: collecting vinyl, listening to Duran Duran, and eating Cheese Whiz from a can*.


In high school, Jason moved into a Victorian mansion house with a bunch of his best friends. It took 6 months before they destroyed the house via house parties and were evicted. But, it was within these 6 months and at one of these aforementioned parties that Jason fell in love with wine. Unimpressed with the "craft" brews afforded to him at the time, Jason was delighted when a bottle of Santa Barbara Chardonnay was shared with him and decidedly declared himself a "wine guy". 

In pursuit of academic excellence(?) Jason attended Humboldt Sate University and studied Psychology. But, he also remained committed to wine and met a professor who happened to have had his own small-production winery; Jason began working for him in exchange for bottles of wine and for learning the grunt work of harvest and basic winemaking principles.


Fast forward a few years and Jason is looking for work back home in Riverside County. In desperate need of medical insurance (he may or may have a baby on the way at this time), he steps into Don Galleano of Galleano Winery's office. After affirming he is in fact, not serving Don subpoena papers (it's just copies of his resume), Don hires him on the spot as Lead Winemaker. 

Over 20 years later as a career winemaking, Jason opened his own tasting room in November, 2017: Bushong Vintage Company

*Jason actually still does these things... less the Cheese Whiz...less as much Cheese Whiz. 

New Temporary Hours*

Friday & Saturday 1-7pm

*Due to the new mandate to Shelter in Place, we are offering limited hours for wine bottle and merchandise sales. No consumption available. 

Bushong Vintage Company

 565 12th street Paso Robles CA 93446